Pat Conover: Sharing the Journey
Mirror Mirror in the Water by Bram and Vera

A Prayer Inspired By Jesus

Ah Creator,
Source of all that is and all that is coming,
Thank you for letting us sense your presence.

Help us to harmonize our lives with all that you are doing
in us, among us, and around us.
Give us the courage to follow where you lead.
Lure us into following you both in our experience and in our imaginations.

Give us enough bread to live today.
Encourage us to claim your forgiveness and to forgive each other.

Guide us away from temptations and strengthen us in our resistance to all that we know as evil.

We are deeply grateful for the life and world you have given us and stand in awe of what you have done and are doing. We offer again to direct our lives toward your glory and hope to find rest in your peace.


Written by: Pat Conover, 2006

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