Pat Conover: Sharing the Journey
Be Healed

Baignade de Didette by Xyo-Paleo Gyo Tpo

Are you sick? Be healed. Right now. Be healed. You're going to die. That is assured. You are not healed from having to die. You are healed so you can live. Right now. With whatever imagination and creativity and sincerity you can muster. So put down your sickness. Leave it behind and embrace your health and your life. If you can trust God with your life you can certainly trust God with your death.

Get over it. Whatever is stopping you from life, that is what sickness is. Are you weak? Be healthy in your weakness. Are you confused? Be thankful at every point on your compass and each path becomes good. Be healed.

Our lives are not defined by our coming deaths but by sharing in the wonderful creation that we have been given to taste, given to dance, given to frolic, given to serve.

Pat Conover, 1999

Sermon Excerpt: Thankfulness and Enthusiasm (page 4)

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