Pat Conover: Sharing the Journey
Be Present To Us O God


Be present to us O God. We say so boldly.

We speak boldly because we know our need of you and because we remember your promises.

We say to you, "God, we are ready to be with you."
Even if it isn't completely true.
Even if we are a little distracted.
Even if we haven't kept up our inner work.
Even if we are holding back a little bit in our commitment.
We say it because our wanting is ready.
Help us to be present in this spirit-filled space, made ready by your promise and our wanting.

For we need a place.
Where we are known by our true names.
Where our caring and our commitments make sense.
Where we may truly meet each other beyond our distress and alienation.
Where our true seeking will not be turned away even if we are timid, or clumsy, or tired.

O Spirit, True Spirit, how excellent is your name in all the Earth.

Written by: Pat Conover for a Christian meeting of transgender people about 2002.

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