Pat Conover: Sharing the Journey
Seeds of Hope

(A Litany)

One: We are like bread scattered on a hillside, seeds of hope.

Many: Gathered together to fill a people,
Spilling over to the whole world.

One: Scattered again. Searching in the dark soil.

Many: Gathered again. Searching for the table where your presence comes alive among us.

One: We are like grapes grown in a field, seeds of hope.

Many: Gathered together and pressed into wine, full of your Spirit.

One: Pressed by our times to share a common lot.

Many: Transformed into your life blood, carrying your hope to the world.

One: We are the stranger and the poor, full of potential, seeds of hope.

Many: Reminded by your absence when our circles are drawn to exclude.

One: Opened by our hunger and our confessions.

Many: Reminded by Jesus, uplifted in the Spirit , awed by creation, thankful for each other.

All: We are alive, seeds of hope.

Note: This litany was inspired by the Didache.
Written by: Pat Conover, 2004.

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