Pat Conover: Sharing the Journey
Psalm 9: 1-10

Dayspring 10 by Pat Conover

God, I praise you with my whole heart.
I tell about your marvelous deeds.
You are powerful God.
I rejoice and exult in you.
I sing praise to your name.

Because of your presence, my enemies run away. They fall headlong and perish.

God, you are a righteous judge, seated on your throne.
You have upheld my rights and supported my cause.
You have rebuked the other nations and overwhelmed those who do not recognize you.
You have blotted out their names for all time.
My enemies are finished, ruined for evermore.
You have overthrown their cities; all memory of them is lost.

God, you will sit on your throne forever and continue to offer your judgement.
You will judge the world with justice.
You will offer fair trials, provide equity for all people.
We want you to be a tower of strength for the oppressed,
a tower of strength in times of trouble.

God, we will acknowledge you by the name we know.
We will trust you.
We believe that you will not abandon us whenever we seek for you.

Paraphrase by Pat Conover
Based on the Revised English Bible
June, 2009

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