Pat Conover: Sharing the Journey
Hugli River (Kolkata, India) by arohila

Most of these sermons were preached at Seekers Church. The situation for my other sermons are noted at the beginning of each sermon document.

The annotated sermon index includes Seekers sermons not yet posted on the website.

Several sections of this website designate sermons relevant to a theme.

Annotated Sermon Index
Easter Sermon
Seeing What You Don't Want To See
God Manifest
Seekers As An Open System
From Call to Ministry
Surviving Or Living
A Born Again Congregation
Taking Care of Each Other
Christian Vision, Justice and the State
Beulah Land For Who?
Evolution, The Doctrine of the Trinity, and Salvation
When Good Science and Good Theology Meet
Torture In Our Midst
I Don't Care
Coming Out Christian
Sharing Dominion
Looking Ahead With Seekers
From Hope to Disappointment to Recognition to Transformation
Thankfulness and Enthusiasm
Covenant and Community
Seeking Outside the Circle
Gender Freedom and Responsibility
Seeds of Hope
Distinction and Inclusion
What God Counts Clean
Three Ways to Know God
Parables and the Basilea
Shechem to Samaria to Prince William County
Getting Over Theodicy
Understanding Our Challenges: A Generational Perspective
Judgement and Grace in the Middle East

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