Pat Conover: Sharing the Journey
Session Four

Pocopan Classroom
Seekers Church School of Christian Living
April 21, 2009
Pat Conover

Welcome, Announcements, and Prayer(10 Minutes)

Discussion of Homework Assignment(50 Minutes)
Discussion in pairs
Follow-up discussion in plenary

Discussion Questions

1. For the kind of poverty that you are interested in, what are the most important causes and how do they fit together? This is a question about the causal path(s) into poverty.

2. Who benefits from the kind of poverty you are interested in: the person in poverty, employers, social workers and therapists and trainers, managers, researchers, etc.? Consider financial, psychological, status, cultural, and power benefits.

3. Why is there more or less of the kind of poverty you are interested in in different areas, among different races and ages, among different religions and ethnic groups and language groups?

Homework Assignment(5 Minutes)

No assigned presentation next week. Continue to work with understanding the kind of poverty in which you are interested. Try your hand at a little path analysis or systems analysis. (Path analysis is just free flowing comparative biography of movement by people, households, families, into and out of poverty, as well as movement within poverty. Systems analysis is logically structured. For example, general systems analysis considers resources and causes at the points of input, throughput, output, and feedback.)

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