Pat Conover: Sharing the Journey
Session One


Seekers Church School of Christian Living
March 31, 2009
Pat Conover

Welcome and Announcements and Prayer(10 Minutes)

Poverty Budget Exercise(40 Minutes)
complete and refine answers (with discussion)
share answers by category and construct class average by category
Discuss outcomes (individuals and class average) in comparison to : minimum wage, poverty levels, top line of lowest national income quintile, age, area, etc.

Definitions and Orientation Remarks and Discussions(20 Minutes)
Comments by Pat (10 Minutes)
Discussion (10 Minutes)

Pick a kind of poverty to learn about (20 Minutes)
10 minutes in pairs
10 minutes reporting to the group

The goal of this portion is let everyone know what you are working on so the class as a whole can help you along as they know or find things that could be helpful.

Homework Assignment and Announcements(10 Minutes)

Make a journal note about what you know/project/imagine about this kind of poverty. Review the provided materials and use the suggested web resources, or web searches of your own, to start learning about the kind of poverty of interest to you. In addition to web based research, how else do you want to learn about this kind of poverty? Talk with your homework partner, and/or Pat, about what you want to know, how you plan to find out, and ask for suggestions. Pray for the class and your homework partner. Prepare for a 5 minute presentation of what you have learned for the Second Class Session.

Distribute resources: definition, examples of kinds, examples of causes, guiding questions, web resources.

Preparation for First Session | Poverty Budget Exercise | Understanding Poverty: Guiding Questions

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