Pat Conover: Sharing the Journey
Session Three

San Lucas Toleman Playground 3
Seekers Church School of Christian Living
April 14, 2009
Pat Conover

Welcome and Announcements and Prayer(10 Minutes)

Discussion of Homework Assignment(50 Minutes)
5 minute presentations by learners
follow-up discussion in pairs

The questions guiding the homework for this session follow.

Who are the individuals, households, and families who are experiencing the kind of poverty in which you are interested?

What are the most prominent causes of these individual, households, and families experiencing this kind of poverty?

Did they grow up into this kind of poverty or fall down into it after not being in poverty as adults?

Plenary Discussion(25 Minutes)

What resources do the individuals, households, families who are experiencing the kind of poverty you are interested in bring to relationships, to the economy, to society?

Homework Assignments(5 Minutes)

Prepare for next weeks class presentations by sharpening and deepening the kinds of questions you are interested in answering about the kind of poverty you are interested in. What additional facts and information is needed? What are the interrelationships between the kinds of causes you are considering as explanations for this kind of poverty? Who benefits from the existence of this kind of poverty? Follow the flows of money. How much do government regulations and programs alleviate or increase the kinds of poverty you are interested in? Why is the kind of poverty you are most interested in more prominent in some areas than others, some races than others, some age groups than others, etc?

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