Pat Conover: Sharing the Journey
To God be the Glory

Blue Crystal by photographer unknown

To God be the glory, great things hath God done.
God created the world and God loves everyone.
God enters each life to know us from within.
God lures us with hope so that we may begin.


Praise our God, Praise our God. Let the earth hear God's voice.
Praise our God. Praise our God. Let the people rejoice.
Sing praise through the Spirit. Sing praise everyone
and give God the glory for all God has done.

In all generations, in each time and place,
The Christ lives among us with radiant face,
and offers discernment though many our sighs,
to unstop our ears and to open our eyes.

For each man and woman, for every race,
redemption is offered and fullness of grace;
but we must step forward and take up our call
to serve through the Spirit, to love one and all.

To God be the glory for making us free,
luring us to become all we can be.
The spirit-filled life is a perfect delight.
We sing our thanksgiving for life in the light.

Tune by Fanny Crosby. Words by Pat Conover (revised 2009).

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