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Purple Skies by cobalt123

Now I see the morning breaking,
What a sight awaits my eyes,
Opening upon creation,
Seeing all the praise in skies.

Cloudy morning, hot or raining,
Still the light of promise glows,
Calling forth my gifts and caring,
Grace-filled world that beauty shows.

Lighting all that's hurt and needful,
Lighting all who sit in pain,
Lighting love that's grown so weary,
Showing love can rise again.

Many mourning, many rising,
Spirit birth on Easter morn,
Meeting on communion morning,
Hosting all that would be born.

Notes: tune: Stuttgart.
Written by: Pat Conover. This hymn was written for an Easter sunrise service but can be used anytime on Easter. It is, in part, a tribute to Valerie Russell. Valerie was a courageous African-American religious leader who led the Boston City Missionary Society and then led the Office for Church in Society of the United Church of Christ. She was confined to a wheel chair for many years of her leadership and died in an airport while traveling for the UCC.


Written by: Pat Conover, 2006

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