Pat Conover: Sharing the Journey

Empty Chair by Bob Jagendorf

Community isn't about sitting and talking,
isn't about working,
isn't about praying.

Community is about lending me money,
it's kissing.

Community isn't about calling on Friday,
isn't about inside,
isn't about beside.

Community isn't about walking at Dayspring.
It's blessing,

and vocation instead of selling my labor,
and remembering to parent all of our childre
n, and holding my praying up for review.

It is strength for the journey,
bending with eagles.

It is sharing a story and sharing our doom.
It is Sunday and Tuesday and maybe last Thursday,
and now,

and walking at Dayspring,
and walking for justice,
peeking over the ruts,
getting off of our buts.

Pat Conover
June, 1998.
Revised: October, 2006

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