Pat Conover: Sharing the Journey
Death Enough To Go Around

Feeling the Weight of the Past by ToniVC
Fit the model and count the functions.
Trace tree logic through the junctions.
Measure the area under the curve.
Breathe deeply.

Fit the parameters closely together.
Ask Mr. Zimmerman about the weather.
Balance the polaric tensions.
Kiss the fool.

Fit your life to the logical truth.
Follow Zen to the Orient sleuth.
Reason within the null equation.
Smile when we meet.

There's death enough to go around,
and far too little common ground.
Blessings crushed to earth shall rise again.

Written by: Pat Conover, February, 2004.

Notes: The jarring transitions in the first three paragraphs are intentional. Mr. Zimmerman refers to Bob Dylan.

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