Pat Conover: Sharing the Journey
Good Songs Are Free

Toscana-Tuscany by allegra

When I woke up this morning I aint got no dime,
and so I had to think about how I would sell my time.
Should I sell my body, or should I sell my work?
Nobody wants either one so I just go berserk.

But all good songs are free,
they touch you personally.
Now this one aint sublime.
It's just a sharing time,
and would you share some time?

You can see that I'm not pretty.
You can tell that I'm not strong.
And all I've got to sell you is just this little song.
But I can't take your money,
for all good songs are free,
so I'll just give it to you and hope that you can see

that all good songs are free.
They touch you personally.
If this one's just your style,
give me a little smile.
I need a little smile.

Pat Conover
revised: October, 2006

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