Pat Conover: Sharing the Journey
The Dayspring Song

Lake of the Saints (Dayspring) by Pat Conover

Spirit moves, soul by soul,
Gonna make us really whole,
Linking up the new and old
By the power of God's grace.

Freed by grace on this land.
Walk together hand in hand.
We are all God's motley band,
Seeing God in every face.

Dayspring of the Lord we found.
We have shared this holy ground.
It will keep us safe and sound.
Abba God we sing your praise.

Light of God, earth we share.
Refuge from our daily care.
Sun and moon and Dayspring air,
Christ will lead us in new ways.

Pat Conover contributed to the words that were collectively written by a small group in a workshop at Dayspring Retreat Center celebrating an anniversary of the founding of the Church of the Savior. Since we were thinking about the founding of the Church of the Saviour we had Gordon Cosby in mind as we worked together on this song. The tune is The Garden Song by Dave Mallet and the chords can be found in Rise up Singing.

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