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Pat's Porridge

Old Stones by ToniVC

Notes I eat this porridge every morning for breakfast, in part because it is a good place to add two dietary supplements that are important to my health. I think many would profit from adding a heaping teaspoon of ground flax seed, per bowl. My main selling point is that I have not grown tired of eating this porridge, partly because you add lots of different ingredients to the basic ingredients, such as fresh fruit.

I do a lot of our shopping at the Takoma Park Food Co Op on Carroll Avenue and so I buy a lot of the ingredients in bulk. As a result the recipe is more a guideline than a formula. Happy experiments! The cost per ounce is lower than boxed cereal in a grocery store.


8 large scoops of instant oatmeal
2 large scoops of wheat flakes
1 or 2 large scoops of Maple Nut Granola (#3400)
6 slices of dried pineapple that I cut up into smaller pieces.
Unsalted roasted almonds
Ground Cinnamon


Dried Cranberries
Dried Cherries
Dried Turkish Apricots (cut up)
Trail Mix

Action Needed

Stir it up.
Put in Containers.
Add hot water after pouring some into a bowl.

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