Pat Conover: Sharing the Journey
Colonia del Sacramento (Navegando) by danuqui

Many of my poems are a lot like prayers. I suspect that the poems of many writers could be read as prayers. I think of poetry as one of the ways we exercise the highest gift of humanity, the imagining of what is not but yet might be. Such imagining is not quite pure speculation but might be thought of as grounded speculation, taking a here and now reality and letting it grow.

Open the Door
Thank you for Democracy
Nine Eleven
Bright Last Flowers
Dark Eros
Death Enough To Go Around
Found In A Night Forest
Good Songs Are Free
The Devil Wore a Crucifix
The Spotless Rug
The Waterfall
Time To Stand Up
To The Victor Goes Whats Spoiled
Two-Headed Nails
Rotting Hulk

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