Pat Conover: Sharing the Journey
The Spotless Rug

Preparing For Rain by Nikolai Kjaergaard
What was it waiting for,
"The Rug You Can't Spill Anything On?"

Was it waiting for my birthday party?
We had pink ice cream and chocolate cake.
The rug might have thought they would taste good too.
We had to have the ice cream and cake on the patio.

Was it waiting for me to come home from a snow ball fight?
I was so wet and tired and dirty.
It would have been so nice to collapse on the rug for a minute.
It was so warm and pretty.
I had to hurry to the bathroom and undress,
standing on the tile.

Was it waiting for Aunt Helenn to come visit?
We had cheese and pickles and olives and sardines and so many good things.
We sat around the dining room table and used forks and napkins.

Was it waiting for my dog Puny?
She cut her paw on a rock and wanted a nice place to lick it.
She had to stay in the kitchen.

I've got to go away now rug.
Hope something happens to you sometime,
besides vacuuming.

Pat Conover
Revised: October, 2006

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