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Mid-West Express by Marc
These three editorial reviews appear on the back cover of my book, Transgender Good News.
"To those who have dismissed, trivialized, or condemned, transgender experience as pathological, unnatural, or sinful, Transgender Good News presents formidable challenges from a first rate sociological and theological mind. To everyone still imprisoned by bi-polar gender assumptions, this book is a powerful corrective. To those in the fragmented, mostly hidden transgender community, this book bears the Gospel's good news of liberation. In short, out of her own experience, research, and exploration, Pat Conover has given us a stunning piece of work that will set the standard for the church's virtually unaddressed issue."
- James B. Nelson, Professor Emeritus of Christian Ethics, United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities and author of Embodiment and Between Two Gardens

"Ms. Conover provides a remarkably cogent overview of transgenderism, including surprising – and welcome – depth in the areas of history and politics. This is a book of high quality that should serve as an effective aid to those considering the intersection of transgender and religious issues."
- Nancy Nangeroni, former Executive Director, International Foundation for Gender Education

"Transgender Good News offers readers a threefold gift: a clear and precise explanation of authentic transgender experiences; a careful critique of the desperately flawed 'scientific' research on this topic; and a luminous discussion of a biblically Christian attitude toward transgendered people. The book is vital reading for therapists, parents, pastors, and anyone who has ever felt the slightest impatience with our society's gender expectations – and who hasn't."
- Virginia Ramey Mollenkott, Theologian, author of Women, Men and the Bible; The Divine

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