Pat Conover: Sharing the Journey

Puddle Clouds by Joe Sullivan

There are many different ways to be a transgender person. Everyone has a gender journey to become the kind of man or woman they choose to be. In my case I have chosen to claim, and sometimes embody and express, what seems to me to be the best of what women and men have carried in the U.S. cultures I know, and I have tried to avoid the worst gender stereotypes of men and women. This makes me a bigender kind of transgender person.

I have written a book called Transgender Good News that begins with an analysis and integration of the contributions of physiology, psychology, and sociology to understanding gender construction in general and transgender construction in particular. The book also contains brief stories and pictures to illustrate the diversity of transgender people, a chapter aimed at the helping professions, a chapter on transgender practicalities, and a concluding chapter that cosiders five kinds of Christian theological perspectives concerning transgender experience and expression.

A variety of my writings on transgender concerns is available below.

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