Pat Conover: Sharing the Journey
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Farewell to Holland by Stuck in Customs
Here's a couple of things I (his daughter Samantha) think are relevant to appreciating Dad and this site.

Pat is a retired policy advocate for the United Church of Christ where he worked for the Justice and Witness Ministries for almost twenty years. Basically, that means that he was very involved in pushing for social justice in politics. But his interest in social justice is by no means limited to that job. Pat has preached many times about social justice and what that means for Christians. Pat is an ordained minister and has a PhD in sociology, both of which greatly effect the lens through which Dad sees the world.

These days, Pat spends a lot of his energy being healthy and writing. His most recent major document is Seekers Church: Case Study of a Progressive Christian Community.

Pat identifies as a transgender person - something he elaborates on at length in his and her book, Transgender Good News. I expect he may write more about that on the site at some point, as well.

Finally, Pat is a really wonderful person. He takes his personal journey seriously and himself lightly and is almost always interested in engaging you in dialog.

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